Thinking lists

making: so many cups of coffee 
cooking: nothing….eating so much of my mums home cooked meals 🙂 
drinking: coffee, and tea, and then coffee again 
reading: Nelson Mandella’s Long Walk to Freedom – still, after 4 months 

wanting: more time in the day 
looking: a beautiful iPad case 

playing: Gabrielle Alpin 

wasting: time on new electronic toys 
sewing: holes up in my jeans and tops 
wishing: for beaches and more time in everyday 
enjoying: space and time with family 
waiting: for files to transfer 
liking: English food: scones, roast dinner, Indian take-away: all within two days of being back 
wondering: what this summer will bring 
loving: doing nothing for a while. 
hoping: for a restful break 
marveling: at my inability to relax! 
needing: more time. 
smelling: coffee 
wearing: the most comfortable maxi dress ever made 
following: Jesus, through this crazy curvy adventure 
noticing: the peace in who I am now. 

trying: to understand too many things 
knowing: that I get to see amazing friends in this coming week. 
thinking: i need to write things down 
bookmarking: blogs, lots and lots of blogs 
opening: Thai sweet chilli crisps 
giggling: at Skype and wonderful housemates 
feeling: happy. Simply happy 

Idea lifted from samanthaheather

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