She tumbled into my life with the words ‘I’m a women of contradictions…a social introvert…’ and the thought in my head that I needed to be her friend. 9 months of working side by side and countless coffees drunk and discussions had, she will leave my day-to-day for a new exciting adventure.

She wrote me a letter, on a type writer, about a month ago. And I re-read it this afternoon.
 She can write, and she can dance, and climb and she has the ability to understand me and how I think and work.
Maybe I should write this in 2 weeks time when she moves and leaves my day-to-day, but re-reading her typed up letter made me want to write about her. 
About the strength and dignity she has, and the ability to inspire and push and encourage. 
About the beautiful spitfire of a women she is, who makes me think she could impact anywhere she goes in a beautiful, good, righteous way. 
She honesty is contagious and her heart is pure and passionate. 
She is one of my people; you know those people you always want around you because you know they have your back and you are better because of them?
She is one of them, so I just wanted it to be known.
She is a good women, a heart full of gold. 

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