slow down and breath

the view from my bed when i woke up.

Slow down and breath, 
feel the air enter your lungs and your body relax. 
Feel the sun on your back, 
and taste the coffee in your cup. 
Slow down and breath. 
 Saturday’s of doing nothing are important. 
I woke up this morning rested and relaxed, with the idea of filling my day with little house tasks. 
I mopped the floors and tidied the kitchen, went food shipping and then curled up on the sofa to watch a few episodes of Criminal Minds. 
Jump a couple of hours into the afternoon and three cups of coffee later and I am still here; a new episode lined up to watch and thinking that I will pop into the kitchen to grab another hot beverage. 
I’m learning slowly that actually stopping for a while is good for me. That taking time out, sleeping(!), reading, chillaxing is an important thing to build into my life.
I find it so easy to feel like I have to constantly be doing something, checking emails or writing up documents or making important phone calls, seeing people and making plans. 
Sometimes we need to just switch off, eat good food, drink coffee and watch episodes of crime dramas. 
Sometimes it is just good to slow down and breath.
p.s i’m reading Thrive at the moment, it’s a good read if you have a tendency to be a workaholic and need reminding to slow it down. 

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