dreaming of 20 different lives.

I’ve been a journalist who travels the world to tell the unspoken story,
A lawyer who defends those without voices.
I’ve had a family made up of 4 different cultures and races,
and lived in a big white house with swings and benches.
I have brought flats in London and run events that broadcast live across the country.
I have married on beaches, in churches and on cliff tops.
I have written novels and magazine articles.
I have been an advice columnist, teacher, photographer and speaker.
I have lived in Australia and America, and spent years traveling around the globe. 
I have been covered in bright ink with flowers and birds and words that mean something.
I have decorated houses in pure white and bright pops of colour.

I am a day-dreamer. 
I have spent my life dreaming.
But never could I have dreamed of this life.

Of living in a village somewhere far from family.
Of living with these girls.
Of doing this work.

I could not have dreamed this beautiful life.
This beautiful life is better than a dream.

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