Barbie pink


It didn’t mean anything, but the bright lick of paint in an otherwise natural place made my heart jump. My childhood eyes saw the pink and ran wild in excitement for possibilities…..

Maybe colours can bring back memories as much as smell and taste…. 
Maybe I will never grow out of the Barbie loving phase. 
Because no matter what people say, something about that physically impossible doll gave me hope and inspiration when I was a child. 

I like living in a world where street benches can be the colour of a Barbie box and match my lacquered nails. 


Comments 2

  1. Julia Paige July 8, 2014

    that bench is amazing! it reminds me of a hot pink barbie car i used to have. it's pretty incredible how something as simple as a colour can bring back a thousand childhood memories, huh? thanks for sharing! x


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