joining the squirrels

 photo found on pinterest – from here
i sit in my hole in the tree and watch as the world passes me by. 

it is the perfect place. no one thinks to look for me here; hidden between the bark and the twigs no one can really see my face. 
 the tree gives me solitude from the busyness that surrounded me, the work and the craziness that made me run through the fields and up the tree. 
it’s not like life got too hard, i just needed the break, from the voices and the chatter
i just needed to break away and hide amongst the squirrels. 
i’m half expecting one of their faces to pop around the hole’s entrance and with a surprised look either attack me or run away, 
either way i’ve invaded their home for a few minutes, to escape the rest of humanity. 
no one will think to look for me here, and i like that. 
i like the freedom of feeling a little lost for a while. 

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