Do I go or do I stay?

Because in movement tea gives a moment of static. 

I feel like I live in two worlds. 

Balancing between the reality of where I am at the moment and who I was before. 
I am waiting on the world to settle down around me but I think it will just get faster. 
This summer has been one of movement. 
I think that is the best way to describe it all. 
Movement in home. 
Movement in jobs. 
Movement in people and friendships. 
Movement in travel. 
I think I’m ready for stationary. 
For winter chills to stop us from running everywhere,
For fires to draw us all into the same room. 
For all my housemates to be in the same place for more than 2 weeks. 
I don’t make sense; I crave change and development and growth, while wanting settled and consistent  and stable. 
Maybe I should just swallow my own words and be satisfied and content in it all. 
Maybe that is what I will do. Should do. 

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