The kitchen floor

This is where I sit at least once a day, with or without my housemates…we sit and discuss life most of the time….and I think here; when the house is quiet or I’m waiting on food or coffee or something. 
The floor is cool to my bare feet and somehow in this heat of summer the room never seems to get to uncomfortable temperatures. 
My coffee or tea gets drunk here…and sometimes wine. 
Kitchen floors seem to be the best places to put the world to rights…
I’m not sure what I am going to do once the winter cold comes and the floor becomes unbearable to sit on….maybe I can bring in the blankets and create a mini fortress of warmth against the tiles and still enjoy the wonders of this everyday magic place. 
I’m packing my bags tonight for another plane ride and another two airports, for a few nights in the city that housed me for some of the best years. I get to see two insanely wonderful people promise life changing things to one another in the name of love and I get to pray over them with one of the best friends I have. I’m excited…

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