And when you don’t except it, it hits you.

*written on 17th August…life has been a bit busy, sorry it took a while to publish
Life has a way of hitting you smack round the face and showing you something you either forgot or didn’t really understand that you had. 

I’m sitting in yet another airport, another few hours to waste away in the company of myself and whatever caffeinated liquid I can find. 

I’m about to step on board my last flight of the summer, after spending a whirlwind weekend in Sheffield for the wedding of two wonderful (basically family) friends. 

And this weekend life kind of hit me around the face. 

I’ve been told it is rare to find a community of amazing supportive people who become like family, that once you find that you need to hold on because it only comes around once in a lifetime….. But it doesn’t, sometimes it happens twice…..

I flew back to this island from the home and family I have had in Romania for the past 10 months, missing them as soon as I drove out of the country. And then I was greeted on the other side by two girls who know me better than most. 

I spent the weekend having so many conversations which made me miss those people more: brothers who honor and uplift and tease and remind me why staying up until 3am drinking whiskey and watching fires burn is always a good idea, and then make you perfect coffee in the morning; and sisters who don’t hold bad communication over you but pick up where you left off and show insane levels of interest in who you are and what you are doing; who know when to challenge and when to encourage and pray. 

For someone who has felt that she has spent this summer traveling around very much by herself, I have suddenly realized that maybe I’m not quite that alone, maybe I don’t have to treat life as if it is me against the world so much.  

The reality of having two crazy supportive and beautiful communities who somehow love me is hitting me right about now and I’m not sure what to do with it….

So thanks, because if you are reading this you most likely are one of those people, and you know who you are. I miss you all, you blow my mind….

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