Festival week…. Long days, camping, running up and down hills, radios, and drinking more coffee than I ever have before: DrumFest 2014

I stood in as a steward for one night, standing behind yellow and black tape, guarding sound equipment and listening to bands on stage. 

The campsite registration tent became our haven of story time and good coffee: we invaded Gideon’s work space to nap and hide before heading back down the hill to work. 

We spent months preparing for these past weeks, 3 days of which 1000ish people roamed about Taut campsite while we raced around making sure it could all run relatively smoothly. 
We worked like machines, tired and at the end, slightly delirious, we made it through as a family: those who had left years ago came back to help those of us you are here now, giving up their holiday days to work. 

Miia – my darling girl got baptised on Sunday in the lake. It was probably the most perfect way to end the weekend, in the most beautiful of places. 

The elation of getting through the week. 

And we packed it all away, 2 days of inventory and packing without any dead space into cabins and containers: all ready for someone to open it up next year. 

Someone said yesterday, as we drove away from the campsite, that it is the one time of year this crazy slightly dis-functional family can guarantee getting together- and I think it was probably the best description of what this team is; family with all it’s frustrations, good times and bad times, but ultimately we pull together to do what sometimes seems impossible and we end up laughing hysterically along the way. 

Now to rest and restore, say goodbye and prepare for the new season. 


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