un-apologetically you.

un-apologetically yourself.
to be okay with the fact that not everyone in the world will love you
to be okay with the fact that you might not fit into the standard quota for beauty and intelligence, or have the ‘right’ interests or lifestyle
i have been thinking about this, about the world in which i live where pleasing those around me is always so important…the thought ‘well. what will insert name here think’ comes into my head too many times, too many ways, too many decisions are surrounded with putting someone else’s ideas and opinions before mine.
don’t get me wrong, i think putting other people first is a seriously good and important think to do. but sometimes it is more important to be un-apologetically yourself. to be true to how you were created and who you have been designed to be.
about a month ago i walked down the aisle in front of a girl who has inspired me for over a decade. she was the one who when she wanted to embrace neon leg-warmers as a fashion statement she did, and who still somehow in the most beautiful way can pull off a side-pony-tail without looking like a she stepped out of the 80s.
she never apologised for loving Jesus and putting Him above all.
she never apologises for her insane intelligence or her desire to learn and change things. she knew what she was passionate about at school and worked hard and pushed herself to get to the place she is now; on the board of charities based the other side of the globe, doing masters at university because she knows now is the right time for her.
i don’t think i have ever met someone who is so un-apologetically them.
i wonder sometimes if other people care as much as i think they do. really truly, do others actually sit and wonder why i did things, surely if it is part of my make-up, of the creation of me, the majority of people wouldn’t even question it.surely the only one that truly matters is God.

i just wonder how much energy and thought-life i would save if i stopped questioning me, and how i am.
if i just said, hey this is me, this is who i am, accept me for that.
love me for that.

and if not, then that is your choice, not my problem.
how would my life look?


i spoke up

p.s sorry for the lack of grammar and good punctuation- i just prefer it this way sometimes.

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