There are guys in my life who although unrelated to me, I have begun to think of as brothers. 
These guys honor me in who they are, they treat me with kindness, respect and honesty.
I only truly realized who they were recently, the ones who actually know what it means to be a friend to me. 
It has taken me until the age of 24 to see past what my experience was and what I felt the world was telling me. 
Men are not all evil, they do not all manipulate and bully. They do not always flirt and lead you on. Men do not always hurt you, or disregard you. They do not always think they are smarter or more able.  They do not always cut you down.
Some men treat you with respect, some men give you honest answers and tell you the truth. Some men encourage and uplift you. Some men want to tear off all the lies you have been told. 
Some men are good, really good. 
 and some men hate the men that treat you badly and get angry about it. 
 For a long time my heart only saw Jesus as a good man, as the one man who truly respected and honored women. 
I knew I was always safe with Him and loved by Him. 
But slowly, these men in my life, are showing me Jesus’ heart within them. 
That they respect women, that they honor them and are for us. 
This is my experience, my own judgements (which are wrong) and my own journey through trust and forgiveness and healing. 
So this is more of a thank you than anything else. To the men in my life who always support me, are for me and who treat me with respect and honor. You probably just think it is a normal way to be, but it is a new thing for me and it is helping me heal. 
So thank you. 

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