Bad day until Miia came along.


I said I wouldn’t write.
But tiredness and sweet songs are making me want to.

Sometimes you have a bad day when all you feel the need to do is go back to the house you grew up in and feel stable.
And then you walk home with your housemate, who is excited and annoyingly so, because she won’t let you wallow in your self pity tiredness and she just makes you see that maybe you can do everything you need to. And this life, the journey you are sharing with her is actually quite exciting.

And then she reminds you about that man on the cross, the one who we celebrate his birth next week…. He is standing by you, He is standing at your side, giving you all the strength you need.
And then you open up an email from a friend that makes you smile and gives you that boost of joy you need.

Sometimes you have a bad day, that doesn’t turn out so bad, that actually turns out fairly good, and reminds you that you don’t really have it so bad.

And if all that fails you can look at the view out my window, it’s pretty awesome.


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