Back to the paperback.


I am trying to get into routines, or rhythms anyways, of looking after myself, of settling into life when everything changes every 5 minutes anyways.

Routines like actually finishing books, and dedicating specific times to specific things- coffee and time with God in the morning being a key key one.

I have found that with so many electronic devices in my life it is so easy to waste away the hours on them without having done anything at all really…so I am getting into routines of other things…. finishing books, writing down the things running around my brain, exercising, moving outside of the house and into the big wide world- preferably with a camera attached to my hand.

I say all of this fully aware of the fact I am typing on my laptop, listening to music from my i-pad and not disconnected from technology at all.

So goodbye internet, i’m going back to paper now, to read another chapter of my book.


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