oh hi new year….sorry i am late

2015/01/img_1489.jpgC. S. Lewis said, “To love at all is to be vulnerable.”

i want to be more honest this year. i want to be more real. i want to see more things for what they are and how they can be. i want to see beyond the present but live in the moment. i want to keep walking into the dark with my arms outstretched to the light hand ahead of me. i want to keep on running. i want to fly, because this little bird was given wings; and i want to drink more coffee and have more conversations that acknowledge the realities of life, it sucks sometimes but God is good and true and honest and good.

i want to forgive quicker and laugh longer (the cheese in that sentence is not lost on me) and i want to never forget that, for some reason, i have a crazy expanding family who provide me with more love that i thought was possible.

the past few years my life has turned upside-down and i expect nothing different from 2015. even if i am a bit late on the uptake.



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