In the past few days I have read journals, looked through photos and generally been in awe of 24.

It started with tears of overwhelming joy at the love I received from the people around me…and grew into a year of learning.
Learning how to fall and get back up, learning how to push myself, learning how to be kind to myself, to trust people, to say yes to things, and to God above all else. Learning new jobs, new language, and new people.

I liked 24, it was kind to me, everything was new and exciting.

I think 25 will be better: there will be more goodbyes, more challenges, more changes and bigger things….but it is good. I’m not scared of getting older, it might be the first time in a few years that I feel like I fit the age I’m becoming (it’s about time).

25 sounds right….

So here’s to Valentines Day and being another year older.
I’m throwing myself a big party, with cake and candy and balloons….and Gin.


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