a completely non eventful day

flowers flowers2

8:30am: wake up to shut off alarm, ignore it and turn over. I like doing this on weekends, something about knowing I have a whole day ahead of me I think.

9:45am: wake up again, notice the sunshine outside, and decide today might not be so bad.

10:00am: make breakfast, coffee, eggs, toast and tea (because i wanted double amounts of caffeine apparently). Move back to bedroom and read and listen to the first of these talks – it is good: interesting.

11:30am: decide to do pilates on my yoga mat

12:30: shower – cold, not so good but the sunshine kept me happy anyways, as did the kettle full of hot water I took into the bathroom with me.

1:00: walk through my village, surprised at the warmth outside, and do food shopping – actually don’t hate it for once. I think the sun makes everything better, and the fact the shop was almost empty.

2:00: decide the sun = warmth and therefore I need to sit outside for at least a few hours to appreciate the arrival of spring.

2:30: decide it is too cold outside, so move inside, make a fire and settle for the birthday flowers slowly blooming in my room to remind me spring is on its way.

3:00: start writing this, to document a completely non-eventful day that filled me with joy.

Saturdays are good. Spring is on its way, the sky tells me so. I’m becoming content with my routine again. The restless feelings inside me seem to have left.

Roo is on her way round now, and tonight holds good times with new friends and awesome possum* housemates.



*if you do not understand that reference, get yourself a cup of tea, and sit down in front of season 2 of parks and recreation (the first season is worth missing), and be prepared to stay for a while (there are 7 seasons)…I am behind the times in discovering this but am oh so thankful I did.

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