The old the new and the familiar 

16 days away…starting with family weekends in idyllic houses by the seaside, cold winds and good food, whisky drunk from heavy glass tumblers.


champagne edit



Days spent doing nothing but thinking, reading, taking baths that smell like candy, and watching films.

Then trains down through the countryside to celebrate the combining of two incredible lives, and spending days with a the makeshift family that is your home from home: people who somehow seem to all fit so wonderfully together, and know just how to dance a night away.


razydancing edits



And finally car rides through Snake Pass to the old life in the city of many hills, and faces that are not seen enough, slipping back into conversation patterns that were normal just a few long months ago.

Restoration in the visits to the old, new and familiar. Memories made and re-awakened. Thanks for being good to me, for not making me more tired or confused. For being a good break from my day to day while reminding me why I really should get back there soon.


*the last two photos are courtesy of James’ camera and whoever was using it at the time- thanks! . 

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