lifting my eyes up.

It is the small steps, the ones you almost forget you do. But when they are gone then you notice. The small conversations that are needed regularly, the small rhythms that you accidentally loose when you become too tired or too busy. I often don’t notice when I drop things from my routine. How getting up 5 minutes later can throw off my day, or how ignoring the routine of reading good things can change how I think. I have been tired, too tired to stick to good rhythms and routines lately….but it is effecting me more than I noticed and now I need to get back.

Back to the rhythms of conversations and looking beyond my own nose. The rhythms of reading the Great Awesome Book of Life*, and understanding how much grace and love and challenge is in those pages. Honest conversations with those around me, letting myself be me, process the insides of my head out. Letting my creativity steep out through these fingers rather than get lost in the make believe of TV land (however much I want to believe I am Lorelai Gilmore I will never actually get there)

 I’ve maybe spent too much time recently focusing on the negative things, the things that are making me sad, or frustrated….but right now in this moment somehow my eyes are lifting and I am seeing the good things, the things which make me see beyond what is and what frustrates into the adventures and joys and community and unity of the people around me.

Elephant emoticons mixed in with hearts, skype messages buzzing late into the night, encouraging words and hugs grabbed throughout the day are keeping my eyes higher than they have been in a while.


*The Bible

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