step by step 

She sat on my sofa and she spoke out the words that He is unfailing and never shaken and she walked around the house singing those words over and over.

It is the opposite of how I have felt in the past few weeks. Shaken and failing, with that small tiny voice speaking out ‘it’s too hard, too much, I cannot do it’

But then she comes and speaks out simple trust, simple one step in front of another, simple hope and trust in the one true King, our one steadfast Father.

Maybe it’s my tiredness speaking, because oh my I am tired but also sometimes it is okay to just have to not think about everything…maybe sometimes the only way to work through this life is by focusing on the one thing that keeps you going.

I’ve said goodbye too many times right now and I just want to stop still, to watch the flowers bloom and sit by the sea….

Give me three weeks and I will have done those things; I will have slept for so many hours with no cares and I will have seen people who’ve known and understood me for my whole life. I will have traveled to see beautiful friends by the sea and drunk good swedish coffee in its homeland.

I will not be so tired, and I will not be giving in to the voice.

But for now, at this moment, the girls who sing truths around my house and speak out His unfailing faithfulness and hope will keep me going.


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