me and the cats.


I have become a cat lady. Me and two cats living in a giant house while my housemates take their long awaited and well deserved holidays.

I took 3 weeks off. Sliding into the slowest pace of life, reading all the books my hands could grasp and drinking as much tea and coffee as my body could hold. My days became about how I could spend the most time with my family, with a few detours into time with friends who I don’t get to see enough. It was the best type of time away: living life together, no stress, no pressure.

But now I am back in the village, where the pace is not much faster, but the expectation of autumn and the new things to come hangs in the air.

I have 4 weeks until everything steps it up a gear. Until the days get busy with people and tasks and life again. I am winding myself up slowly to that point, trying to invest in good routine. I keep on being taken back to the need for good routine, good sleep, good time with Him, eyes focused on the one thing I know to keep me sane in every season.

So for now I will keep falling into routine, me and the two cats.


p.s I can’t stop listening to this song. and this book is long and good!


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