The in-between

As  I move into routine, the normalcy of certain movements. Checking and checking twice that I have keys and locks are turned, lights are off, doors are shut.

Kettle on, teeth brushed, teabag stews as I choose clothes and make breakfast. The movements become like breaths, regular and needed.

I am waiting in the limbo stage; in between what was and what will come. The old friendships on my mind, updates ping onto my phone across oceans. And the knowledge of the new friendships to be formed is beginning to creep into the front of my mind. The new people, the new tasks and spreadsheets and prayers.

The new rhythm that will come and replace this in between moment.

Obi and Django are still fierce companions, their sweet selves running to me as I arrive home each day. And Anna arrived home this weekend, and with her the promise of many cups of tea and talking for hours on end, because that is what we do.

And so as I drink my tea and settle into sunday relaxing I leave you with this.

“I wish for a heart you can see straight through. For a voice that glows in the dark, And a few really good friends to skip moon rocks to.” Andreas Gibson, Jellyfish (introduced to me by Julia)


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