The summer challenge

4 hidden letters. 4 bibles verses to learn, 4 Instagram challenges and 4 miscellaneous challenges.

summer challenge

These are the things I learnt while living alone and doing challenges set by my beautiful room mate;

3 weeks is my limit, longer makes me tired. Instagram is more interesting when you have a theme to follow for your photos. Roo has the most amazing way of choosing Bible verses everyone should know by heart: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Evenings without screens are good for you! Hunting for envelopes every Sunday is a fun thing to have in life. “have courage and be kind.” I loose track of time when I am alone (hello being awake at 2:30am). I need to give myself more space to paint and draw and write – it gives me more life than most things.

Roo comes back in 3 days, Aoife in 5, and then comes Autumn and all it brings with it. New people. New adventures. New workloads. The beginning of the end of summer. I’m happy to see the new season so close.


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