if i had a daughter

If I had a daughter, I would tell her that looks matter…
the ones you give people, the smiles and frowns, the scowls and judgements, the laughter and understanding…the looks you give people matter.
They effect everyone around you. Your influence is through them. Your words and actions.
Your hair being a mess does not matter, nor does the amount of make-up on your face. The size of your waist is a number and your height is perfectly designed, the freckles you have were placed individually and the pitch of your voice is something that was tuned to you.
What matters is your attitude, your heart to the world around you.
What matters in that God loves you, and I do and your Father does.
I would tell her to be honest,
and not to be afraid of being vulnerable.
I would tell her that we fall and fail, but that we can get up again and move on and heal.
I would tell her that loving someone is the biggest gift, biggest challenge and best way to learn to forgive.
I would tell her that she is, by just existing, the most amazing person. That by existing she is loved and treasured and desired.
I would tell her that the world is a big and scary place until you look at it through the creators eyes.
I would tell her to ask Him for His eyes, and ears and heart.
If I have a daughter I want to give her the best of me, not pass on the insecurities.
If I have a daughter, I want her to grow up in a world where she can be who she is, without condemnation or judgement.

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