Year 3 

i think i stole this for instagram but i cannot remember where exactly

I started my third year here a few weeks ago. Another year and another version of my job, this time more changed than before, more what I thought I would do when I stepped onto the plane 3 years ago. 

I wouldn’t do it any other way though, even if it seems to have taken a while. I wouldn’t change the lessons I’ve learnt, or the people who have taught and surrounded me. 

I feel lucky, no, blessed to have had that chance. Most of them have left now and I feel a little like they taught me to fly and flew next to me for a while before dropping off and letting me go. 

A friend from home recently released a song ‘Masks‘ and something about the vulnerability of it got to me. It fits with everything at the moment, putting down crowns and being completely transparent, and knowing identity in God above all else. 

So tomorrow I start in a new sort of office (hopefully less office and more community), with a new team and a new agenda. And in a week or so I will move into a freshly painted and refurbished home. 

With the risk of being completely clichė I guess I am saying I’m entering a new season. 

A beautiful, wonderfully fresh new season. 


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