We didn’t take any photos 

Alice came to stay. 

The sweet beautiful girl I shared the top floor with for two years, and my heart with more times that I can count. 

She booked a flight, packed a bright yellow bag and flew across Europe to walk in step with me for 5 days. 

She met everyone all at once, because it happened to be a birthday party weekend, and pancake day celebrations. 

She churched and worked and slipped wonderfully into the life I live here. 

I didn’t plan anything special, (apparently I’m not that type of host). But it was perfect and simple and life breathing. 

When someone knows you for so long there is a different perspective they give. One that says ‘hey, i know you, you’re doing okay here’. 

We didn’t take any photos, I guess it kind of got forgotten, we were too busy talking and living life together again for a while. 

Alice, come back whenever you want: mattress, sofa or whatever I can offer you. I’ll fold some sheets in a draw with your name on them. 


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