more to say

Just stand up and take a breath and let the words come out your mouth. 

You have more to say that you are letting on, 
you have more to say that your heart racing and fingers sweating would have you believe.


 There is always been more to say, conversations that I finish in my head because in that moment I did not quite get to say everything that was spilling through my brain. I’m learning though, slowly but surely just to speak out the things that make my heart race and fingers sweat and that make me a tiny bit fearful of what comes next.
But sometimes, and this is one of the most important things I am learning, sometimes, although there is more to say…it is just better to stay quiet, or to just say one simple sentence.
I miss this space I came to process, where words tumbled out my fingers, but it has always been sporadic, I think I am a sporadic person in general. So it shall be, sporadic and uncertain. Sometimes with all the words there are to say spilling out into these screens and sometimes just silence, a photo here or there.

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