“it may look like i’m surrounded but i’m surrounded by you”

Those lyrics, those words of being surrounded have been traveling around my head on and off for the past week. They find themselves in the tiniest darkest back corners and then make themselves the center point of my main thoughts.

There is something in the sentiment of being surrounded: once in a way that you cannot control, threatening and full of fear, and the second, full of love, and comfort, the surrounding of the warmest most perfect hug .

The first is out of my control, scary, full of worries, and walls closing in. I see the world falling around me, weight on my shoulders, and all the fears rushing towards me..the second…Well that isn’t in my control either but it is so full of freedom. Those types of people who bear hug you in the way that makes you collapse into their chest, and you know you are safe, secure, and protected. THAT. That is what it means when it sings “I’m surrounded by you”.

This possibly invisible barrier that means the weight and world and fear cannot penetrate through, that it will not reach you, will not overpower you, will not become who you are.

I am surrounded by you God. Spirit. Son. I am surrounded by you.

It is a new year, one pregnant with promise, newness and life. For me there are days now where is feels like I am surrounded, in that first way, the new year is a background thing that I haven’t really recognised yet. But these lyrics that are making themselves at home in my thoughts scream out to me, “BUT I”M SURROUNDED BY YOU”.

Although this year is starting with a steep incline upwards, I know it won’t last forever, that the year will be full of adventure, goodness, joy, freedom and laughter. The photos placed on my wall prove to me that I am surrounded by the King of Kings, and his beautiful children. And in those places comes all that I need. In those places comes all that we need.

So welcome 2018, I’m 10 days late, but I’m sure there are many adventures to be had within you. I’m just learning how to live out those lyrics.







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