Category: a little update

tan lines and dirty soles

it’s summer, the sandal tan lines on my feet prove it, as do the polaroids taken in hammocks and balconies, in lakes and at late night tire swing conversations. and the time of farewells for this blonde beauty as she travels back to the place called paradise and the place that sent her here in […]

4 days

4 days away. almost no planning. walking and talking. escaping. pizza, coffee, gelato, crazy waiters and a friend who patiently waits as you set up camera angles on napkins and menus, just so you get that one good photo of the two of you. thanks for the memories. r/

more to say

Just stand up and take a breath and let the words come out your mouth.  You have more to say that you are letting on,  you have more to say that your heart racing and fingers sweating would have you believe.    There is always been more to say, conversations that I finish in my […]

soft snow flakes

  it snowed on christmas day. winter is here. the wood store is going low. the layers are adding up…5 long-sleeves today and counting.  i am simultaneously loving the cosy evenings and dreaming of the sun-soaked spring days that are coming. r/  

Let’s jump into lakes

Has anyone ever asked you to jump into a lake when you don’t think it’s safe, or told you to close your eyes before they feed you some unknown thing, or asked you to ‘trust me, I know its going to be fine’? Has anyone every just taken you so far out of your comfort […]

not until you look behind 

It happens so quickly this time thing. The seasons change behind you as you move through day to day and suddenly it’s ‘how many weeks until you fly?’ ‘When are you coming back, are you coming back?’ And ‘how do we finish this well’. The summer crept up on me this year, somehow the endless […]

rushing waters

brain tired of thinking, simple tasks becoming mammoth mountains, and these words ringing in my ears…. ‘if the world started with a ball of energy, and the only thing that existed before that was God, then surely He is the source of all energy…’ home; candles, music, paints, bible, blank pages, and breathing it all […]