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“it may look like i’m surrounded but i’m surrounded by you” Those lyrics, those words of being surrounded have been traveling around my head on and off for the past week. They find themselves in the tiniest darkest back corners and then make themselves the center point of my main thoughts. There is something in […]

a letter to myself.

I found this post, one I wrote 4 years ago. So I thought I would write a response, to the version of me then. Who didn’t really know just how many mountains she would jump off, or rivers she would sink deep into. Who hadn’t really truly seen what it meant to live a life […]

i want to start again

I wrote this in April, but couldn’t…wouldn’t publish it…maybe it was to raw or to vulnerable at the time but now I want to. So here is a piece of my processing from April. When winter had just ended and I was tired. When I felt like a lot had gone wrong and I couldn’t […]

you said breath and life stood up

You have never ever given up You have never turned your back on us You said light, and light there was You created all that was, You said breath and life stood up, You are God and great above it all.   You are more than we’ll ever know You give life and life to […]

rushing waters

brain tired of thinking, simple tasks becoming mammoth mountains, and these words ringing in my ears…. ‘if the world started with a ball of energy, and the only thing that existed before that was God, then surely He is the source of all energy…’ home; candles, music, paints, bible, blank pages, and breathing it all […]


Around three months ago I sat on a chair in front of a group of people and talked about prayer. I talked about what I had learnt as I looked at Jesus and his life. What I saw in his prayer life, in his daily actions. Intimacy basically. The quiet, hidden, behind closed door place […]

One thing

I have been sick all weekend. Cancelled plans and all. And as I sit in bed at 8pm about to shut down lights and technology in the hope of waking up better for the Monday morning start, I am listening to a song… “You are the one thing that I need, You are the one […]

afraid to write

“the thing you are most afraid to write, write that.” This quote has sat in the draft section of this blog for about a year. I see it each time I log in and each time before this I said “no way”; The quote makes sense to me, because I think most often what we […]

You are good.

  I do not know how to describe the goodness of you. How you know each moment what it is I need to hear and how you show me what it is to be in of your Kingdom. I pray for things in my heart that I cannot vocalize and you whisper or shout your […]

I’m scared to do it, so I will…

I wrote this post a month ago and was not brave enough to publish it in the moment. I so often do that; write something I am to scared to publish. But then I read something today which made me think about what I wanted this little internet space to be and so I am […]