Category: Grateful

tan lines and dirty soles

it’s summer, the sandal tan lines on my feet prove it, as do the polaroids taken in hammocks and balconies, in lakes and at late night tire swing conversations. and the time of farewells for this blonde beauty as she travels back to the place called paradise and the place that sent her here in […]

even when the film is bad

Even when the film is bad, and you aren’t sure it was worth the money you spent on it…sometimes getting on a bus with a bunch of crazy cats and sitting in a plush chair laughing at scenes that were meant to be serious is exactly what is needed. Today was a good day filled […]


In the past few days I have read journals, looked through photos and generally been in awe of 24. It started with tears of overwhelming joy at the love I received from the people around me…and grew into a year of learning. Learning how to fall and get back up, learning how to push myself, […]

i think the world is wrong on this.

I feel the need to type. Type whatever words come out my finger tips. I sit here on my bedroom floor, fire crackling in the background, candles lit before me and Ludovico playing from my spotify. I like to type, it is a release from my brain. It is a unusual way for a extrovert […]

These crazy cats

Somewhere between 10am and 11am Saturday morning the boys arrived to cook breakfast and then tackle the mountain of wood in our garden. Stupidly thankful for these crazy cats for spending the day with axes and wood to help keep us warm in the winter. Also for their music taste which is beyond awesome. R/

un-apologetically you.

un-apologetically yourself. to be okay with the fact that not everyone in the world will love you to be okay with the fact that you might not fit into the standard quota for beauty and intelligence, or have the ‘right’ interests or lifestyle i have been thinking about this, about the world in which i […]


I gained a new housemate recently. this one ! Me and Kate moved house and gained a beautiful, blonde, Finnish girl as a housemate.  I’ve spent 2 weeks living with her and I don’t know how to describe how much of an inspiration she is to me.She is a women of strength and dignity and […]