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us, the sky and the beach

I went to Sweden over a month ago, to visit Julia. We traveled to Isabelle at her house on the beach, and slipped away while the others cooked. Camera in hand we caught the quiet moment on camera. Words cannot express how much love I this women or how thankful I am that I know […]

minutes in a sunflower field

I took these almost 2 months ago, and driving past the dead sunflower fields yesterday I remembered I hadn’t looked through them yet.  We had pulled over, jumped out the van and walked into the sunflowers, snapping photos of the lush yellow which surrounded us, before driving on to a relaxed weekend spent eating food […]

versions of me

 Versions of me.  Imperfect me.Late at night me.Bored and I own a camera me.  This post, it needs to be read.This song. I’m tired now; this week has been good- hard work, brain engagingly good.So tea, and tv and bed is now on my brain.And Skype, so much Skype with the people I miss! /R.