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a letter to myself.

I found this post, one I wrote 4 years ago. So I thought I would write a response, to the version of me then. Who didn’t really know just how many mountains she would jump off, or rivers she would sink deep into. Who hadn’t really truly seen what it meant to live a life […]

The in-between

As  I move into routine, the normalcy of certain movements. Checking and checking twice that I have keys and locks are turned, lights are off, doors are shut. Kettle on, teeth brushed, teabag stews as I choose clothes and make breakfast. The movements become like breaths, regular and needed. I am waiting in the limbo […]

lifting my eyes up.

It is the small steps, the ones you almost forget you do. But when they are gone then you notice. The small conversations that are needed regularly, the small rhythms that you accidentally loose when you become too tired or too busy. I often don’t notice when I drop things from my routine. How getting […]

One more week 

Thanks Miia for the photo We moved in just under a year ago, many months of fires, tea, prayers, cold showers, and food. Deep conversations and dance parties and clothes swapping and dreaming of all the lives we could live. These girls are crazy awesome, and I had a year with them, here in this […]

Airport breakfast 

  Airport breakfast.  Another plane to catch back to the fair and windy Isle, as a friend recently called it.  I’m happy tired and glad I have the ability to run away for a few weeks and catch up with family, friends and see a wonderful marriage begin.  Julia flew into romanian yesterday, last minute […]


In the past few days I have read journals, looked through photos and generally been in awe of 24. It started with tears of overwhelming joy at the love I received from the people around me…and grew into a year of learning. Learning how to fall and get back up, learning how to push myself, […]


this girl i adore. just listen to her beautiful music here i have the crazy privileged of knowing her and being her friend and her music makes my heart soar, and brings so much crazy joy. she is born to fly. R/

Bad day until Miia came along.

I said I wouldn’t write. But tiredness and sweet songs are making me want to. Sometimes you have a bad day when all you feel the need to do is go back to the house you grew up in and feel stable. And then you walk home with your housemate, who is excited and annoyingly […]

a week in pictures

I take photo’s everyday of random things in life, so this week i thought i would share. 1.a cow on my way to work/ 2.we ate the fruit we named/ 3.a quick cup of tea after work/the maintenance man’s scooter/ colleague playing with his fancy Nikon took this photo of me/ 5.the rain has […]