“Where there is love there is life”

Mahatma Gandhi

It started with a girl being born on Valentines Day…cue an attachment to the word Love, a tattoo on her wrist which declares such a thing and a love of writing and cameras.

Made-to-love is hopefully a place where I can share my love of the world, people, experiences, life and God with you. Hopefully it is a place where you can visit and know that you will feel love and joy coming from these typed out words and captured moments.

I aim to be as honest and open about who I am, and what I am learning/ doing/ seeing and experiencing.

God created us out of love for us, He created the world out of love for creation, and he created us to love- love one another, love the world, love him.

And in the words of John Mayer

“Just love, just love, I have done everything in my life that I wanna do, except just give and feel love for my living. I dont mean roman candle, firework, hollywood, hot pink, love. I mean I got your back love”

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