The girl behind the words


Name: Rachel Elizabeth Bevan

Age: 27

Favourite place: at home (where ever that may be), with people whom i love

Dream big picture: To see injustice eradicated and people loved, released and inspired. For people to know Gods love for them.

Bio:  Romania / Loving Jesus

Happiness is found in: drinking tea, painted nails, writing, talking, family

Tattoos so far: 6

I like this story (that i found here)

“I once hand-made a girlfriend a 50 page leather bound book. It was an illustrated fairytale about a princess and an eccentric magician. The magician had his heart broken so badly in the past that instead of keeping it in his chest where it could easily get hurt again, he kept it locked up in a rusty trunk under his bed, where it had withered into a shriveled apricot. A lot happens that can’t really be summed up in one paragraph, but at the end, his apricot heart swells to the size of a house and they end up living happily ever after inside of it. It took me about a month to make, it was all rhyming, hand-painted…something I was pretty gosh darn proud of. I really poured a lot into it, and I think it’s filled with some of my best paintings yet. Sadly in real life the story didn’t end as happy as it did in the book. Let’s just say I’m living alone in that giant apricot heart at the moment.”

-Matthew Gray Gubler

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